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About Dealers Supply

Dealer Supply Company was formed as a buying group in 1945 by a group of lumber and building material dealers. The purpose was to cooperatively purchase items of common interest in large quantities to share the savings. Since its inception, Dealers Supply has grown to a membership base of over 200 stockholders.

Dealers Supply Company is a progressive and growing company. In 1996, we moved into our primary location in Callery, PA. At this location Dealers Supply has over 5 acres of office, yard, and warehouse facilities. In January, 2001, Dealers Supply opened its first satellite facility in Crestline, Ohio. From this location, Dealers Supply will be able to expand its customer base into central Ohio. Dealers Supply Company is staffed by an experienced group of professionals, who are dedicated to serving the needs of its stockholders.

Any qualified business may purchase from Dealers Supply Company. By becoming a stockholder your company will share in the profits of Dealers Supply Company based on your annual purchases. Your business will also benefit from Dealers Supply Company's competitive price structure, warehouse delivery schedule, dropship/direct ship programs, two product buying shows, and its knowledgeable staff.


About Us


About Us



Dealers Supply 

163 Center Street
Callery, PA 16024
Toll Free: 800.472.2483
Fax: 724.538.8687

300 Warehouse Drive
Crestline, OH 44827
Toll Free: 866.683.6340 
Fax: 419.683.0630